ICM Associates  


Quick turn Check list


What do we need to process your quick turn order? 


As a minimum we need the following to process a quick turn order.


    1) Gerber or ODB++ format including all layer, solder mask and legend.


    2) Nc drill data


    3) Fabrication drawings showing:


          A)  Material type.


          B) Copper weights required showing either as starting or finished.


          C) Overall finished thickness with tolerance (if tolerances are not shown we follow IPC standards).


          D) Drill hole chart with tolerances (if tolerance is not shown we use standard industry practices + - .003 plated and + - .002 non-plated).


          E) Solder mask color and finish (matte, semi glossy, glossy) if required.


          F) Nomenclature color if required.


          G) Surface finish.


          H) Other fab factors (i.e. controlled impedance, peel able mask ..,).


           I) Array (pallet) requirements, if any.


Verification of above will help to provide best possible lead times when ordering printed circuit boards, both quick turn and standard lead times.